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The Session is for 1 hour 20 minutes as every Massage, is calles Session as if need to delay due to issues you may have as knots, swallow legs, or other issue to fix, will be taking care before the Massage Session.

You dont need to worry, just enjoy and relax!!!
You will end up very rested and without stress and in a great mood. Is a real msssage !!!

You are important to me, so I leave you when I can tell you are totally and completely relax and happy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

The Massage is very Relaxing , with Aromatherapy and Músictherapy for a total relaxation as well.

Clean linens and good healthy essential oil will be provided for the massage as special creams with active ingredients to take away all contractures anywhere and you will be less tired with the linfhatic drenage as allows oxigenation gets into your heart by a good blood circulation return. Below read more.

It is a Unique massage in town!

Also involved in the therapy as well:

Reflexology to your hands and feet and Linfatic Drenage as we sometimes retain bad liquids and/or have the legs swallow.
Very healthy for you as hemos your blood circulation returned easily to the heart .

Best Massage !
Call now to book your appointment asap to best serve you at:
+(51) 933684991
Whatsup available!

Monday thru Saturday from
9 am till 10.30 pm.

Now attending SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS!

If travel very soon or if an emergency, please call me.

Call now!!! You deserve it!

English Only
No Spanish

Thank you.
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