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Hi! This is Andrés and we need a flatmate!

This is a great 145 m2 apartment with an amazing location directly overlooking the Pacific Ocean from sea cliffs about a hundred meters above, in front of the many beautiful parks of the Malecón (esplanade) of Miraflores, one of the most beautiful areas of the whole city of Lima just besides Parque Maria Reiche. It is very close to the main hot spots of Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro! We are close to lots of places for going out for a walk, surfing, dancing, hanging out with friends in bars, watching movies, shopping at markets (three of them few blocks away with cheap good groceries and food combos), supermarkets, shops or malls, skate boarding, cycling, eating yummy food at many excellent restaurants, etc. And from this apartment you can get plenty of public transportation to almost everywhere. If you check the map it is the location of Miraflores literally closest to the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Universidad del Pacífico (UP) and Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) of San Isidro. A cool place for anyone who wants to best enjoy their time in Lima!

In these links you can see many recent videos and pictures besides some older ones where the furniture is different. Make sure to see all the updated pictures and videos included in the more than 10 albums so that you can have a complete glimpse of all the apartment and its surroundings:

The apartment has four furnished bedrooms, three bathrooms (the three of them with showers with lots of hot water), a comfortable fully equipped kitchen, wireless internet, laundry area with washing machine, a huge living room with dining room and there is even a swimming pool on the first floor of the building! Besides the building has security doormen all the time (24/4) and a guest reception hall on the first floor that can be used by anybody in the building. Currently at the apartment the rooms are:

Room #1: This room has a wonderful direct view of the ocean and parks, big closet, bookshelves, a comfortable desk with drawers and a queen/double sized (105x190cm) bed. This room #1 is offered for $380-400 USA dollars per month (the price is negotiable within this range and will be fixed depending on how we rent the other rooms besides other factors). In this room was until recently Carlos, a cool, extorverted and very friendly Venezuelan guy who normally lives in United States but will be in Peru for a some months as an expat developing his career as an actor. This room #1 will is available again since July 22nd until July 29th, 2019.

Room #2: This room has a wonderful direct view of the ocean and parks, television, big closet, bookshelves and a queen/double sized (108x190cm) bed. I, Andres (Peru), am normally in this room. This Room is offered for $380-400 USA dollars per month (the price for this specific room is negotiable sometimes even bellow that range depending on how we rent the other rooms besides other factors). This Room #2 is available from July 22nd, 2019 to August 18th, 2019.

Room #3: This room is relatively big, has a single/twin sized bed (95x190cm), has nice a huge closet and a desk. This room #3 is offered for $350-370 US dollars per month (the price is negotiable within this range and will be fixed depending on how we rent the other rooms besides other factors). In this room was until recently Lucero, a friendly Peruvian girl who is very talented as a professional singer of Latin music and as a nurse. This Room #3 will be available again since July 22nd, 2019.

Room #4: This is a smaller room with different shelves for storing clothes & books, a desk with its chair, a single/twin sized bed (95x190cm) and its own private bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. This room #4 is offered for $300-320 US dollars per month (the price is negotiable within this range and will be fixed depending on how we rent the other rooms besides other factors). In this room is currently Chiara, a gentle and friendly Italian girl who works at the Embassy of Italy. This Room #4 will be available again since August 2nd, 2019.

This is the link for the videos. Check out the most updated ones!

The prices already include all the apartment services of wireless internet available everywhere at the apartment, unlimited telephone service for home landline local numbers, filtered drinkable water, hot water all day long, electricity, gas for the stoves or oven of the kitchen, electricity for the washing machine and dryer, maintenance of the building, and taxes of the public services of the apartment. For the payment is required 1 month of payment in advance, and 1 month of rent as a guarantee deposit that will be given back as agreed upon signing a contract. If you rent a room for only one month, we can negotiate another form of guarantee. For additional days to a month we can divide the agreed monthly rent by 30.5 as the price for each extra night used. Any exception or modification of these payments should be coordinated beforehand directly with me.

For further information email me at ver datos contacto and we can also coordinate a Skype conversation if needed. If you need to visit the apartment you can do it if we coordinate. Get in touch to come by and check out the apartment and the view!

In Google Maps explore the whole area through the 360 degrees real life pictures of Google Street View (July 2015) or also through Google Earth!


PD1: Lima is a huge city with lots of cool things to do and visit, the same with its surroundings. In the following link check out the pictures and the downloadable PDF file THINGS TO DO IN LIMA that I made recently. This latter file is a freely downloadable PDF impartial guide on what things to do and visit in Lima and its surroundings based on the feedback of many experienced locals, expats and travelers free from any commercial bias or personal interest: *Attractions inside the urban area of the City of Lima. *Entertainment activities to do in Lima. *Cultural activities to do in Lima. *Gastronomy, enjoying food in Lima! *Attractions beyond the urban area of the City of Lima. *Beaches of the north of Lima, the city itself and the south. *Learning Spanish in Lima. *Volunteer work. *Adventure sports. *Parks inside Lima. *Tourism in Peru.

PD2: I have another whole apartment available for renting in the district of San Borja for 430-530 dollars per month. You can see the detailed information, pictures, videos and other details in this link:
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